The 55/6 rule is something we’ve come to perfect within DHM and it essentially works by nurturing for 55 days and selling for 6 days. Typically, most hotels don’t split their communications, attempting to do both simultaneously, serving neither to effectively nurture the prospect nor to effectively sell to them. This is usually evident in a monthly or bi-monthly ‘newsletter’ email which tries to cram in as much information as it possibly can, as well as burying a special offer in there too. All too often, the result is that most prospects don’t read any or all of it, missing the offer.

The 55/6 rule approaches it very differently. Whether you are sending an email or posting to social media, it’s almost always better to only say one thing, and say that one thing well. In this case, when aiming to send a nurture email, you should absolutely never include a sales offer.

The same is true for the 6 days of selling. When looking to sell, create a big song and dance about the special offer you are promoting. It’s important not to overdo this though – we’ve all been subscribed to hotels or perhaps other types of businesses where all they do is send offer emails. That’s why we advise working on these 61-day cycles, so that every two months a sales campaign is launched before reverting communications back to nurturing again.

By adopting the 55/6 rule in your hotel, you’ll quickly find that your content plan can be easily mapped out, serving to countdown until the next ‘sales window’. Of course, it’s not as if you will only sell rooms on these 6 days every 2 months, far from it, but remember this strategy is designed purely for prospects – people that know, like and trust your business already that aren’t necessarily actively looking for a stay. A good 55 days of nurturing will set the scene nicely to create the right buying environment for some of these prospects to get off auto-pilot and engage with your business fully.