One of the easiest ways to capture this data of your customers (and let it be said that you don’t just want one email address per couple; ideally you want both) is by using a Social Login Wi-Fi tool.

These typically are very easy to set up, inexpensive to run and will ensure that you maximise the amount of consented data coming into your business. If you’re not familiar with the term, you’ll probably have experienced it somewhere in a hotel, bar or café.

When you attempt to access the Internet, you are met with a branded pop-up screen requesting you to login via a social channel or an email address to access the Wi-Fi network.

On the whole our experience of this tool is extremely positive and allows you to not only quickly and efficiently collect customer email addresses, but also a great deal more information should they choose to login via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

This method of data capture is particularly useful in obtaining the data of non-resident diners or wedding guests, from whom it would otherwise be more difficult to acquire data.