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Using our 7-step approach to website design, we created a custom-made site that was reflective of the product and communicated the benefits of booking direct.

  1. Conceptualisation: A round table brainstorm to discuss ideas and provide steer for the design.
  2. Building: Once concepts are approved, our web dev team go to work to build the flat designs into a functional website.
  3. Content Population: Once the frame of the site is in place, copy and images are uploaded.
  4. Amends & Tweaks: A bit of back-and-forth to ensure we create the website just the way the client wants it.
  5. Technical Checking: A rigorous on-site SEO and technical checklist is carried out.
  6. Sign off / Set live: Once everyone's happy, we move the website files from staging platform onto the client’s live domain.
  7. Security / Web Performance: Once the site is live we can secure the website (SSL) and ensure that it's loading in under three seconds on all devices.

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