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7 Famous Brands You Would Never Expect Have WordPress Websites

We often get asked about whether WordPress will be the right website platform for hotels and hospitality businesses, with some questioning how secure the platform will be and others questioning whether it will have the design and development capabilities for what they’re looking for.

They’re both really good questions to raise when you’re thinking about investing in a new hotel website because of its mainstream use and the fact that because it’s relatively straightforward to setup a WordPress, this has led to this misconception that the platform is only best suited for personal blogs or tiny businesses who want a simple online presence.

Well, amidst the estimated 75 million WordPress websites live on the internet today (that’s approximately 30% of the internet!) a considerable 14.7% of the world’s top 100 websites are WordPress based. Let’s take a look at some top brands you’d have never expected to be running their behemoth online businesses through WordPress.

The Sun

The good ol’ current bun - the UK’s widest read newspaper - opts for Wordpress as its content management system. It ranks as the 624th most popular website on the internet (55th in the UK) and sees a whopping 97.5m visits per month on average.

screenshot of The Sun newspaper website-1

The White House

If you’ve ever questioned whether WordPress will be secure enough for your hotel, you needn’t worry - The White House’s official website is a WordPress website. One can only imagine how secure this needs to be to be fit for purpose!

screenshot of The White House website homepage-1


Mercedes Benz is one of the world’s most famous car brands and has opted for WordPress for its global website. It sees on average 3.18m visits per month.

screenshot of Mercedes Benz website homepage-1


Less known outside of the hotel industry but Siteminder is a household tech name in hotels, best known for its channel manager and hotel booking engine.

screenshot of Siteminder website homepage-1

BBC America

For its American website, the BBC opts for WordPress, allowing users to sign in and stream its content.

screenshot of BBC America website homepage-1

The New York Times

Another global news brand - this time the New York Times - they use WordPress CMS for their corporate website which sees approximately 176,000 visits per month.

screenshot of The New York Times website homepage-1

Snoop Dogg

And finally, world renowned American rapper Snoop Dogg ops for WordPress for his official website and e-commerce store. If it’s good enough for Snoop, we’re sold…

screenshot of  Snoop Dogg website news page


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