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45% Uplift In Wedding Conversions

What problems were you trying to solve with our digital services?

One of our main problems was that we couldn't get a conversion rate from initial enquiry to booking a wedding viewing. We'd see the enquiries coming into the inbox but we wouldn't then be able to see whether that converted into a booking. We weren't able to see that the money we were spending what on either SEO or pay-per-click was delivering us in terms of a wedding brochure request, and then how likely they were to then come in and book an appointment to the venue.

What made DHM stand out from other options?

Your specialty in the hospitality sector. We often got approached by other marketing companies guaranteeing that they'd be able to get us onto page one of Google, promising the world with the e-newsletters and SEO. None of these companies have understood what our customer was actually looking for online and how we wanted to be represented online. So to have somebody like yourselves that actually understands the sector in detail was incredibly important to us.

"With all the added value you've given us, I just wouldn't hesitate in recommending DHM. You'll build a relationship with the people there, and they'll be able to advise you on so many other things."

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Nicola Haworth

Owner, Bartle Hall Hotel

What obstacles almost prevented you from choosing DHM?

The biggest obstacle for us was coming to terms with the fact that we'd have to remove the person behind the enquiry. Something that we always felt was very important to us as a hotel and specifically as a wedding venue, was to put our own personal reply back when we received an enquiry and obviously having an automated response was removing that person. What we did come to realise is that you can still do that afterwards. And there's no harm - when you've had the brochure sent out automatically - picking up the phone and discussing the details with the person that made the enquiry.

What features of our digital services were of most interest to you?

Your specialty in the hospitality sector. One of the big things was the book-a-viewing calendar. We'd often find that we'd engage in conversation with couples, and they'd show interest in wanting to come in, but by the time they'd responded with their preferred time and date, someone else would have taken that appointment. That was definitely affecting our conversion rate from brochure request to viewing appointment. Now the booking widget works so seamlessly that sometimes I think they probably check the availability and then just go back to it when it’s convenient to them.

What’s the best thing about working with DHM?

It has to be the people. When you run in a business, you do feel sometimes a little bit lonely with the constant decision-making, and with the DHM team, you can just call up and sound out an idea. And because they’re specialists in the hospitality sector, they'll often say, ‘we've done something similar in the past, let me send you some examples.’ Also the speed of which everything's addressed is fantastic.

What have you achieved since working with DHM?

One of the big things is accurate reporting. We've been able to have a look at year-on-year statistics of the number of enquiries that we've been receiving online and the number of those that converted into viewing appointments, then compare against what we had the previous year. Now we can see what the trends are, when the peaks and troughs are for enquiries and also for viewings as well.

"Thanks to The Wedding Method we always know the enquiries are being looked after, no matter how busy we get."

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Nicola Haworth

Owner, Bartle Hall Hotel

What are the main reasons for recommending DHM as a digital partner?

I would say that one of the biggest benefits in working with you is that no matter how busy we are looking after the guests, thanks to The Wedding Method we always know the enquiries are being looked after. Also the added value you give us as well: that’s been the biggest surprise to us really, I would say it's great value for money.

What would you say to someone considering DHM?

Just do it really. We deliberated a lot about it at the beginning, especially about taking that person away from the replies and having an automatic response, but the way that it's backed up with a unique URL, the option to send a brochure, it just means that you can only stand out against your competitor.

And with all of the added value that you get with it, I just wouldn't hesitate in recommending yourselves. You will build a relationship with the people there, and there'll be able to advise you on so many other things. The Wedding Method has been much more of a partnership than just a marketing plan to sell more weddings.

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