"DHM’s “can-do” attitude has kept us all on track. I simply could not have got us to where we are today without DHM."

What’s it been like working with DHM?

I've loved it. The project that we started with was the Hoteliers Charter and we weren't quite sure of the direction, but DHM came to me right at the start with full commitment to help me work out whatever this was going to develop to.

They've been with me every step of the way, which has been great because obviously the world fell apart in 2020 and this project could so have lost direction, energy and pace.

But because I had DHM by my side building and committing and creating, it was easy to keep the project on track and to keep working together as we got various other stakeholders involved. I found their commitment really great, and I couldn't have got us to where we are now without DHM.

What, if anything, has exceeded your expectations?

I think the flexibility and the ‘yes’ mindset. At a couple of points in the project, we were working with different stakeholders, trying to share platforms and look at different opportunities, and each time DHM has found a way to do it.

With these types of projects it's very easy to say, ‘you know what, it's in the too hard box,’ but that hasn't happened at all. The “can-do” has been incredible.

"I haven't seen any wasted energy, any wasted thought, it's been a really good endeavour."


Sally Beck

Hotelier of the Year 2020

General Manager, Royal Lancaster Hotel

What are the main reasons for recommending DHM as a digital partner?

Also, for a non-techie like me, I get it. It's simple. It's clean and it’s clear, which is what we wanted. The website navigation makes sense and it can build and grow. So for me, my recommendation is that DHM will be a partner that can plan something from the start, that can be built on to take advantage of other things as they develop. I haven't seen any wasted energy, any wasted thought, it's been a really good endeavour.

What would you say to someone considering DHM?

Bring DHM in, talk to them about what you're trying to achieve and listen to them. They have expertise in how to get to your target market and work together in partnership. I think often people that are buying websites or digital marketing, don't actually know what they don't know, and they come at it from historical negative experiences. I would say to them, bring DHM in and explain, ‘this is what I want to achieve, how do I get there?’ Then have DHM advise them on how best to do it for the resources that they've got and for the target market their looking to appeal to.

Your final thoughts on working with DHM.

I’ve really enjoyed it. I just want to thank you for being there for having the faith and seeing the project through so well.

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