the revenue method

revenue management

Whilst The Browser Method is about converting more of your web traffic into bookers by using our 12-step Conversion Rate Optimisation process, The Revenue Method is a bolt-on to ensure no bookings are being lost due to mismanaged room rates.

That means ensuring rate parity is in places across all your channels and OTAs, being competitively priced, and of course, ensuring that you are maximising revenue at times when you know you’ll be sold out. 

Our Approach to Revenue Management


Rate Parity

Using a sophisticated channel channel manager our experienced revenue managers will ensure that booking direct always represents the highest value to the customer


Daily Rate Checking

It’s a daily job to ensure rates across the board are reflected correctly. Our team run your rates through a fine tooth comb to maximise revenue and direct bookings.

OTA Inventory Limitations

High commissions need not be paid when you know you’ll be fully booked. Our revenue managers carefully limit the amount of inventory available on OTAs during peak times. 

The Direct Method is a marketing strategy designed with the customer in mind.

It seeks to convince, then validate the customer’s decision to book your hotel – and come direct.

Let’s Start Something new

If you’re looking for a fresh marketing perspective, are in need of a new hotel website or want to learn more about The Direct Method, we’d love to hear from you.