the direct method

the direct method

The Direct Method is a three-part formula for independent hotels to secure more leisure bookings and weddings.

Most marketers start with the marketing channel (email, social media etc) create some marketing messages and hope that something lands and produces a result. It’s inefficient and ineffective.

The Direct Method, contrastingly focuses first on the customer’s relationship with the hotel, then tailors the message and the channel accordingly.

Let’s define the terms…

The Prospect Method

Prospects are people who know, like and trust your hotel. They might have stayed with you already, have subscribed to your email list or follow your Facebook page.

Prospects aren’t necessarily actively looking for a hotel stay, but given the right marketing message, and special offer, they’ll certainly be open to considering staying with you.

As the diagram illustrates, you need to capture their data, nurture them, remarket to them repeatedly, and create the right buying environment for them to make a purchase.

The Browser Method

Browsers are people that stumble across you online and like what they see.

Yours is one of the hotels they’re considering for a specific stay. Browsers probably know the exact dates they want to book and it may well be for a special occasion. 

Browsers don’t yet know enough about your hotel to feel confident that you’re the right property for them, so they’re doing their research.

The Browser Method is about ticking all the boxes in the browser’s mind so they choose your hotel and know that booking direct represents the highest value to them.

The Wedding Method

Websites like Hitched now make it easy for engaged men and women to subscribe to dozens of potential wedding venues at the click of a mouse. Standing out in this crowded market places is essential to secure lucrative wedding business.

No marketing can ‘sell’ a wedding, rather our funnel is designed to warm up the leads and convert them first into an enquiry, then to a viewing.

The key is to WOW the wedding lead with stunning content, a slick customer journey and an all-important personal touch before they’ve even walked through the door.

The Marketing Channels Used


Used only in The Prospect Method, email is used to first nurture the prospect, then to use our Tease, Offer, Follow-Up sequence to drive bookings.

Social Media

Over 60% of our social strategy is video-based. Our key objective is to get customers off social platforms, away from all the distractions.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

If you want to double your web bookings, you could double the amount of traffic, or double the conversion. Our 12-step CRO strategy does the latter.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Our award-winning PPC team focus on driving relevance up and cost down. PPC isn’t right for every hotel, but is ideal in driving wedding leads to your site.

Web Design

A stunning website is essential to convert bookings. Our web development team adopt the latest web trends and techniques.

Photography & Videography

Impressive content is essential to remind prospects and convince browsers how great your hotel is. Our in-house team are hotel specialists.
The Direct Method is a marketing strategy designed with the customer in mind.

It seeks to convince, then validate the customer’s decision to book your hotel – and come direct.

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