What's This 'Direct Bookings Scorecard' All About?

We all know that driving bookings direct is the holy grail of the hotel business but how do you actually cut out the OTAs and drive more bookings direct? Well there's no quick-fix but there is a formula to follow...

Since 2013, we've obsessed about finding how hoteliers can reduce their reliance on high-commission booking sites and take back control of their margins. This scorecard will ask you a series of questions about how your business is setup and how you're currently marketing your hotel. At the end, you'll receive a report on how your direct bookings strategy scores up and a detailed list of what you can do start prising those bookings away from OTAs.

How Your Scorecard Will Be Calculated




Step one assesses how effective your hotel is at driving high volumes of relevant traffic to your website.




Step two is all about converting that traffic direct. The conversion section will measure how you're optimising your own direct booking channels.




Finally, step three will measure the level of engagement your prospective and previous guests have with your brand.

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How We Created The Direct Bookings Scorecard


If maximising direct bookings is a priority for your business, the Direct Bookings Scorecard will assess how robust your strategy is when it comes to prising bookings away from the OTAs, and show you the areas to improve to start reducing those monthly commission bills. 

"The marketing support DHM provides us with is invaluable. Our direct bookings are up by 128%."


Nick & Julia Davies

Owners, Cottage in the Wood

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