Cottage In The Wood

Direct bookings doubled in 6 months

“The marketing support that Shelley provides us at The Cottage in the Wood is invaluable. Her knowledge and expertise mean we can achieve things that we would never be able to in house, which coupled with her pro-active approach have produced considerable results for us over the last year or so, particularly with our 100 Club campaigns which have generated an increase in direct bookings of 128%”

July - Dec 2019


Cottage In The Wood

Cottage in the Wood is a 100-year-old country house hotel in the scenic Malvern hills, acquired a few years ago by Nick and Julia Davies who have been working tirelessly to restore and refurbish the product to a high end country retreat. Whilst occupancy and room rates have slowly increased over the years, the direct channels continued to perform poorly. Additionally, as the refurbishments neared completion, the hotel needed an online presence that would do the product justice - a slicker, well-designed website that would look and function brilliantly to increase direct bookings.


Cottage In The Wood

Using our 7-step approach to website design, we created a custom-made site that was reflective of the product and communicated the benefits of booking direct.

1. Conceptualisation: A round table brainstorm to discuss ideas and provide steer for the design.

2. Building: Once concepts are approved, our web dev team go to work to build the flat designs into a functional website.

3. Content Population: Once the frame of the site is in place, copy and images are uploaded.

4. Amends & Tweaks: A bit of back-and-forth to ensure we create the website just the way the client wants it.

5. Technical Checking: A rigorous on-site SEO and technical checklist is carried out.

6. Sign off / Set live: Once everyone's happy, we move the website files from staging platform onto the client’s live domain.

7. Security / Web Performance: Once the site is live we can secure the website (SSL) and ensure that it's loading in under three seconds on all devices.


Cottage In The Wood

With the website going live in mid June 2019, the results were instant: July’s website revenue more than doubled from the previous year and for the next six months an increase of 108% in revenue was seen with each month outperforming the same period last year. As of December 2019, the client has seen an increase of more than £30,000 in direct booking revenue.


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